James Edventures is ran by a traveling couple on a forever journey around the world.
JAMES EDventures

This is Germz speaking by the way, the techy-chic of the duo (hehe), the behind the scenes–photographer, video editor, writer even the travel planner while my travelling partner, James Ed, who happens to obtain the perfect +prefix for adventures #JAMESEDventures, luckily accepts all the the credits from domain name to everything; leaving me with just a hashtag of #advenGERMZ (lol).

If this is what everyone’s trying to explain about love, then the argument ends here.haha Unfortunately, we ain’t here for that and so with cliches and fantasies but rather, realities and endless adventures.

So what are you waiting for? Hop in and we’ll take you anywhere in the Philippines and around the world! And so JAMESEDventures begin…

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