Analyzing Our Refusal of Application for Australian Tourist Visa


We applied around 2nd and 3rd week this month of April 2018 for Australian Tourist Visa subclass 600 and unfortunately we both got a letter of refusal of application. I go mine after 5 days while James got his after 9 days but both received on a Tuesday.

australian tourist visa

Below are the probable reasons we think behind the refusal and some things to note as well.

  1. An invitation letter, wedding invitation or sponsor letter is not a 100% assurance for an approved Australian tourist visa
  2. First of all, our main reason is to attend a wedding of my friend and since we don’t have plans yet for an overseas travel for this year (we just started our annual travel abroad last 2016, though), we figured Australia would be the best travel destination. Also, since we have a wedding invitation, we have higher chances for an approved visa.

    BUT! The big but here is that there are still a lot of things to consider.

  3. Bank Statements and Bank Certificates should be at least 3 months active
  4. For countries requiring visa, a passbook account is a priority. So if you do not own one yet because you are solely dependent on your payroll or savings atm card account, better open now.

    Like in my case, I opened a passbook account in a month’s time or within 30 days I applied for an Australian tourist visa so you can just imagine that my account was obviously for visa purposes.haha However, if you are lucky enough, there are banks that provide a bank certificate which does not reflect the date the account was opened. Unfortunately, mine was reflected so my instinct is that the bank is the main reason why I got refused.

    James, on the other hand, also opened a new account months prior the application and fortunately, his bank did not reflect the date it was opened. Despite that, he was also refused or denied (haha) so the bank was definitely not the contributing factor for our refusal.

    Moving on…

  5. Certificate of Employment and Approved Leave of Absence can be of help in most cases
  6. In most cases, yes but ours is a different story. We’ve submitted all the evidences of our employment status to prove for having no intention to stay or work in Australia yet our application were still denied.

  7. The countries you’ve visited should be powerful enough most especially those that also require a visa
  8. Okay, so if they see the employment documents aren’t enough then the stamped pages of your passport may compensate. Although we’ve been to 5 countries already, however, all of those are visa-free.haha So, if ever we’ll take another chance to apply again, we’ll makes sure to visit at least two visa-required-countries first like Korea and Japan.

  9. Buying your tickets ahead is a no-no!
  10. Buying your tickets ahead is definitely not advisable and does not affect your Australian tourist via application. Instead, just apply for an Australian tourist via earlier at least a month away from your desired departure date.

    I’m just glad I didn’t buy tickets in advance even though they were in promo or else I’ll forever regret it.hehe

  11. If you are a NURSE, you should probably be thinking twice
  12. We can’t think of another reason than our profession since we are both nurses. The odd thing is that this didn’t really come to our mind first.

    The things mentioned above are purely based from my opinion and may not be applicable to everyone. If it is your time to go, then it will be. Maybe 2018 is not just the year for our Australia trip.

    The funny thing here is I’ve already used up all my VL (Vacation Leave) for the whole year for this Australian trip. And I wouldn’t want all that to be wasted so keep updated as to where our next destination will be in a week’s time.

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