Bohol First Stop: The Viral Shell Luxury Public Toilets

November 24, 2014, the video Post by Jason Godfrey has gone viral in Facebook and as of today, the it has generated more than 1.5 million views with 28,717 likes and 22,316 shares.

So when public toilets become tourist spots, you know you can’t hold your bladder anymore even by just the mention of the place, Bohol.

Looking at the bright side after our post Sinulog 2GO travel morning trip back to CDO was cancelled, taking the alternative route of Cebu-Bohol-CDO was indeed an opportunity in disguise. And as soon as we step foot on Bohol soil, I knew very well what’s the first thing to do. It gave me the perfect excuse to visit the famous Bohol Shell Luxury Public Toilets for a bladder break right after the trip.

How To Get There

We were clueless as how to get there and we were hesitant to ride a tricycle for the reason of humiliation if we’re just gonna describe plainly our knowledge about the Well, it’s worth a try and we exactly uttered the following words:

Asa dapit tong sa Shell na chada(kagayanon word for nice), aw nindot(changed the expression as we forgot we were in a different place.haha) na CR?

The driver replied and named a place I wasn’t quite able to listen properly but we’re thankful, we arrived at the destination.

It’s located at Shell station, Clarin Street in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. It’s a one-ride tricycle from pantalan(terminal) to Shell with P10 as its standard rate.

The Famous Bohol Shell Luxury Public Toilets

360 View of the Female Public Toilet

Upon opening the door, would you believe its 8-square-meter rest room is actually air conditioned? The mahogany-framed paintings are the first ones I took notice. One is from Raul Agas known for his brush strokes with ATM cards, and another from Antonio Ylanan who won a painting contest sponsored by the Government Service Insurance System in 2008 whom both are Cebuano. Now, where’s the bowl?

Bohol Shell Luxury public toilet

It’s just behind the shelf of magazines and books that served as a divider between toilet bowl and sink.

Bohol Shell Luxury public toilet

Bohol Shell Luxury public toilet

The left side of the room is where the tables bearing baskets, vases, lampshades and other native products are situated.

Bohol Shell Luxury public toilet

While at the right side of the room is a long horizontal clear mirror is attached and framed in mahogany material. Below it are native miniature boats embedded and other preserved seashells.

Bohol Shell Luxury public toilet

Bohol Shell Luxury public toilet

A Glimpse of the Male Public Toilet

In a men’s cubicle, on the other hand, the bowl is behind the rack of publications, with a lampshade and a native basket at the bottom.

Bohol Shell Luxury public toilet

The Bohol Shell Luxury public toilet is just one of the four facilities put up by owner Rex Carampatana, a civil engineer. All have similar facilities and embellishments, usually native products to showcase the Filipino talent.

When asked why invest so much in public toilets, his reply is: to treat each of his customers as guests who deserve luxury service.

The others are on Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, also in Bohol’s provincial capital; in Barangay (village) Lawaan in Talisay town; and in Barangay Tunghaan in Minglanilla town, in Cebu province.

The Bohol Shell Luxury public toilet was indeed truly a 5 star

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