Familiarize These 5 Things To Avoid Getting Lost in Macau

Getting lost in the city where the natives can hardly speak English is probably the last thing you wish can happen because your attempts to talk simple English with matching hand signals would just worsen the situation. So, the next last wish you might want to have is to be in a place where mostly tourists go because if the locals can’t help, thankfully the travelers can understand. However, wishes wouldn’t be a handy if you familiarize these 5 things to avoid getting lost in Macau.

  1. Map
    avoid getting lost in macau

    This is where you get your map. As soon as you get hold of it, encircle the part where Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal is located to serve as your reference point. In spanish, it is Terminal Maritimo, the one used in Bus routes and will serve as guide when riding buses heading to somewhere.

  2. Free Shuttle Bus

    You take the underpass in front of Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal so you can cross the road to reach where the free Hotel shuttle buses are. However, make sure you are riding the same free shuttle bus heading to the Hotel and back to the terminal. So, if you are heading to the Venetian Hotel, you’ll only ride the Venetian Hotel shuttle bus.

  3. Bus Routes
    avoid getting lost in macau

    Sample Route of Bus #3

    Terminal Maritimo is your reference point, the end point of every buses. When you plan to go to Senado Square, Almeida Ribeiro / M134 is where you need to stop (try to find it from the pic above). Every bus stop is announced so no need to worry.

  4. Street Signs

    Street signs are everywhere making it easier for you to move around and head anywhere. Starting from Senado Square, the rest of the tourist spots are just nearby and within walking distance such as: Saint Dominic’s Church and Ruins of St. Paul’s.

  5. Currency: HK$ = MOP$

    Macau accepts HK$ so there is no need to have your money exchanged. They also have the same conversion / exchange. So, when buying stuffs or paying buses, you pay the same amount in HK$. The buses, on the other hand, you should have the exact amount or else, you’ll end up dropping everything on their coin / money bin.

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