From Chunking Mansion To Airport: So Long, Hong Kong!

Tears fell from the sky as we finally took our last step from Chungking Mansion. The gloomy, dark yet calm atmosphere willingly accompanied us all the way to East Tsim Sha Tsui Station. It left us a heavy heart affecting our mood easily,

Are we at the right station or not?

Questions turned to arguments, we went to and fro against our will and into the rain until we finally decided to stick to the real plan. Ride a bus leading to Hong Hum Station then another towards the airport. Problem is, our octopus card funds might not be enough to support two bus trips.

N241 CityBus arrived.

To Hong Hum Station?


We felt a thrilling cold air as slowly we tapped our cards on the scanner. HK$4 remaining balance reflected on the screen. Whew! A sudden relief replaced our thumping hearts. To airport, here we go!

On board A21 CityBus, we sat properly tucked at the first rows of second deck. The announcer’s voice was the only music we could settle that time until a familiar place was mentioned—Chunking Mansion. We looked at each other dazzled but patiently waited till we visibly pass it. And yes we did! At Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Road Bus Stop just right across the Chunking Mansion, we halted. Suddenly, flashes of the unwanted scene appeared with a hint of laughter and regret, when we should have just crossed outside the building.

Ah Forget about it!

Upon arrival at the airport, what we forgot was the little sound churning inside our stomach. With just HK$21 cash on hand and no signs of 7 eleven stall, we looked for alternative at the Airport directory. Alas! Café de Coral! The Hong kong restaurant that easily won our Filipino appetite! Doing some calculations, we needed about HK$40 to get each a hearty breakfast. That’s about P300, we passed our P500 bill but was returned since they don’t have change.

Into the crowded pinoys… Excuse me po, may tig P100 kayo sa P500? My voice should been loud enough to receive a lot of responses. Ohe the feeling to be surrounded with pinoys!  We finally got the needed HK$ cash and ate.

35 minutes passed the scheduled time, our flight finally departed, I gave one last look at the Hong Kong soil.

So long, Honk Kong!

How to get From Chungking Mansion to Airport

  • Cross the street and walk right till you reach Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Road, Bust stop
  • Ride Bus A21 heading to Airport at HK$ 33

Upon arrival at the Airport

From Chungking Mansion to Airport

    • Find which aisle your Flight Airline is. Cebu Pacifice is aisle D
    • Check in Baggage

From Chungking Mansion to Airport

  • Head to Gate where your flight airline boards, directions is everywhere
  • Ride Shuttle Bus transporting you to gate

Where to eat at the Airport

From Chungking Mansion to Airport

  • Find the restaurant of your choice on the screen
  • Café de Coral is a Filipino friendly Hong Kong restaurant where rice is part of their menu. (however, it might not be available in their breakfast menu)
    From Chungking Mansion to Airport
  • Money Exchange is also available in case you run out HK$ with an average of HK$ .15/P1 exchange

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