Got My Travel Bag for only P999 from SM 3-day Sale

Buying my travel bag has not been my priority yet knowing that my international trip will still be this coming November. Even with the ongoing SM 3 day sale, I don’t have plans of looking for one since I know I still have a lot of time in the future but not until I stumbled upon a huge sign of 50% overhearing the salesman and customer talking about the price, which was P999. For sure, you know what happened next!

my travel bag, sm 3-day sale

My Travel Bag as My Travel Diary

I have always envisioned my travel bag as my walking travel diary that I will put one sticker for every place I’ve visited until there’s no more space left thereby, I should have traveled the whole world by the time that moment comes.

my travel bag, sm 3-day sale

Unfortunately, last year I wasn’t able to buy one because I couldn’t find the perfect travel bag. To achieve what I want, my travel bag should be a hard case with less to no grooves for the stickers to be perfectly placed and at the same time affordable. So I ended up borrowing during my Hongkong-Macau Trip.

My Travel Bag for only P999 from SM 3-day Sale

To see is to believe! The images below prove that I only paid P999 for my travel bag. You can avail the 50% discount if you have with you your SM advantage card. Who doesn’t have an SM advantage card, anyway? This is the most valuable thing that I got from SM 3-day sale–A four wheel hard case luggage bag that is extendable and has a built-in lock.

my travel bag, sm 3-day sale

The original price

my travel bag, sm 3-day sale

P999 only! The price I paid for!

my travel bag, sm 3-day sale

A clean slate for my travel diary!

I chose the color to signify femininity. Maroon is the new red, more sophisticated and fashion-inclined color. As soon as the stickers are placed, it would soon turn into a bad-ass travel bag.

Available colors are maroon, grey and dark blue. Black is already sold out. Ciao travel bags are displayed at the center of SM ground floor (outside the department store. Haven’t checked inside almost all of their sale products are displayed outside). It can easily be spotted since it’s where the crowd are at or find the huge red sign of 50%.

For those, who are looking for a travel bag, this is the perfect time to buy as SM 3-day sale is extended until today, May 1. Have a fun Labor Day Shopping!

4 comments to “Got My Travel Bag for only P999 from SM 3-day Sale”
  1. Hi may i know how many kilos is this luggage alone? Im planning to use it for my vietnam trip but i wanna make sure i will not exceed 7kg as hand carry…

  2. I haven’t tried it sa checked baggage, handcarry lang. Ok naman sya. So far d sya nasira until now though one time lang na use.hehe Mahilig kasi kami ng mga cross crountry travels so I prefer more ang backpack. Anyway, durable naman po xa

  3. Hi there!

    I was just wondering. How’s the durability of this Ciao luggage?

    Also, have you tried using this luggage as checked baggage? If so, how’s the condition of the luggage afterwards?

    Just asking since I’m also interested in purchasing one from this brand due to its cheap price.


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