Lost in Macau and Finding our Way Back

Lost in Macau

At 7:00pm sharp, lining along the Visitor’s lane, it took only a few minutes for our passports to be scanned. Immediately, we swam along the sea of crowd entering inside with full of curiosity as to where these people are coming from and at the same time impressed as how many Hong Kong tourists are travelling to and fro Macau.

In an hour, we’ll be back in Hong Kong and finally relax for our first night at Chungking Mansion.

We thought so, then a big sign with bold words “CHINA” welcomed us. Should we proceed or drown against the thousands of people on getting our way back? We proceeded anyway and asked the immigration officer how to get back to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s so far from this way. You have to go out and go back to Macau!

What? All we thought, we’re still in Macau. Where exactly is this place?

Carefully tracing our way back, we couldn’t exactly pinpoint where we missed and failed. This shouldn’t have happened if their terminals doesn’t look alike.haha Outside, we breathe fresh air, thinking deeply. We just have to find the underpass we took to ride the free Venetian shuttle bus then, we could find our way to Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal. To our dismay, everything seemed new. Also our attempt to ask the locals wasn’t even a good idea since none of them speak English.

To the many pinoys travelling and residing in Macau, in such urgent case, how come we couldn’t find one. Ugh!

Still feeling hopeful, we scanned each faces we came across for a hint of Pinoy facial features.

Pwede po magtanong?

Ano po yun?

Bulls-eye! The greatest relief we ever had. Finally! We were surprised as how we got at Portas de Cerco, to the far end from Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal. What we discovered was our mistake to ride a different bus from the Venetian Hotel thinking it will get us back to Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal, instead, it lead us to Portas de Cerco. There we took bus #3 going to Senado Square and rode same bus heading back. The place that we should be is Terminal Maritimo, which is the other end of their route. For the last time, we rode the same bus and all the way back passing all the places in the route–a somewhat Macau Tour by bus.

9:00pm, the bus finally reached at its last destination. With bodies of water in sight, we knew we were at the right place. Short in time, we ran quickly while finding our way to the ticketing office. Someone approached us with a ticket costing HK$189 each that was out of our budget since we’d set aside the exact fee of HK$150, However, the same fee was charged at the official ticketing office. We thrillingly counted our cash on hand praying it would reach to HK$378 and unfortunately, we were short of HK$2. We were really this close to haggling, HK$2 isn’t that too much anyway.lol We ran again to the nearest money exchange for additional cash. Afterwards, we bumped again the person who offered us a ticket, this time in just $340. Really> She must have put herself in our shoes.haha

Lost in Macau

20 minutes before the 9:35 departure, we can finally relax. Sky flakes and mentos were our only means of survival food. No real lunch and dinner though we managed to munch a Portuguese tart on the way to Ruins of St. Paul’s but with no signs of water, we’re thankful we made it this far. At last, we had our first sip of liquid–the most dramatic and delicious drink for that day.

11:00pm, back in Hong Kong!

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