Travel Budget: 4 Days in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia for P23,000


Here’s a full travel budget summary of our 4-day-trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia for a total of P23,689 which already covers everything including our roundtrip tickets Cebu-SG-Cebu and CDO-Cebu-CDO plus Cebu Airport fees. Usually most tricity itinerary are only up to Johor Bahru, Malaysia as for ours, we went all the way to Kuala Lumpur so the total travel budget is considered as reasonable. For those who are planning a similar travel itinerary, you are exactly at the right place since this is also our first time to visit the three countries. So our goal during our trip was to cover as much tourist spots as we can.

All the expenses are calculated per person and already converted in Peso along with its original international currency.

Accommodation Travel Budget

travel budget

Regalia Residence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

First tip for booking accommodations is to do it online where travel booking apps are becoming rampant and handy. In our case, we booked via Airbnb, and app that lets travelers save some money as they stay in ready to go homes at a reasonable price.

Second tip, do not stay in one country for the whole duration of the trip. As we all know, Singapore is known to be truly expensive and we can’t afford to stay for 3 nights. Even by just browsing Airbnb homes in Singapore, we were really having a hard time finding an affordable price. So, our final decision was to stay overnight in each country that gave us huge savings. Our total price for accommodation is P1,403 each.

Accommodation = P1,403

  • P606 Malaysia (P1817 for the whole room divided by 3 pax)
  • P192 Indonesia (P577 for the whole room divided by 3 pax)
  • P606 Singapore (P1817 for the whole room divided by 3 pax)

Transportation Travel Budget

travel budget

Train at Putra Station, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When you plan to cross countries, make sure your return ticket should be the last country you’ll visit. In our case, we booked a round trip ticket of Cebu to Singapore then Singapore to Cebu when it should have been more practical if we booked our return ticket in Malaysia. We wouldn’t just be saving money but also travelling time since it takes 4-6 hours to reach Malaysia from Singapore.

So far, we spent the most money in Indonesia since they don’t have fixed standard rates in transportation especially for foreigners, they have a habit of overpricing just like in the On the other hand, all the transportation in Singapore were paid via Ez link card while in Malaysia, we didn’t get a card since anyway almost all the fares are priced less or in coins. In addition, it’s better not to book bus tickets online heading to Malaysia since buying it direct at the office is way cheaper.

Transportation = P13,099

Plane Tickets
P1015 – CDO to Cebu
P6445 – Roundtrip Ticket Cebu-SG-Cebu
1099 – Cebu to CDO
P1,040 (SGD10 – SGD5 Card plus $5 load + $20 reloaded twice) – Ez Link Card
Malaysia Transpo: P1,441
P760 (SGD20) – heading to Kuala Lumpur = via Starmart Express Bus.
P32 (RM7.40) – Uber (heading to Kuala Lumpur Condo. 96 total bill divided by 3)
P195 – Train fares
P413 (RM34.70) – Johor Bahru via Mayang Sari Express Bus
P41 (RM3.40) – Queen Street Terminal, Singapore via Causeway Link Bus
Indonesia Transpo: P2,059
P912 (SGD24) – Batam, Indonesia via Sindo Ferry
P103 (IDR70,000 divided by 3) – Ferry Terminal via Hotel’s Taxi
P1044 (RM236,000) – Singapore via Sindo Ferry

Entrance Tickets / Fees Travel Budget

travel budget

Ramayana Cave

I suggest to book your tickets online to skip the long queues at the ticket outlets and if possible, at least have it by date range instead of a 1-day ticket only. So, if ever you missed it on your planned itinerary, at least you can still use it within the specified date range.

As you can see, the only attractions we paid were Legoland and Universal Studio because the rest of the tourist spots can be fulfilled by just taking photos.

In Batam Indonesia, it’s better to avail a tour package or car rental because transportation is not that accessible.

Entrance Tickets / Fees = P6,867

Cebu Airport:
P1620 – International Tax
P750 – Terminal Fee
P1221 – Malaysia Legoland via Klook
P60 (RM5) – Ramayana Cave
P2520 – Universal Studio Singapore via Klook
Batam Indonesia:
P608 (SGD50 divided by 3) – Batam Tour via Weldan Batam Transport
P44 (IDR 10,000) – Setokok Beach
P44 (IDR 30,000 divided by 3) – Cottage

Food Travel Budget

travel budget

at A Taste of Asia Foodcourt, Berjaya Time Square

Malaysian food is the cheapest among the rest which is usually half the price in Singapore. On the other hand, we didn’t have the chance to eat in Batam, Indonesia since the prices aren’t that affordable and we were also running out of time.

Also, we brought instant cup noodles, pancit canton and biscuits during the trip for breakfast and snacks on the go.

Food = P1,140

P144 (RM9 meal set, RM3 drinks) – Lunch
117 (RM9.8) – Dinner Burger King Whopper Jr.
P81 (RM3.9 meal, RM2.85 bottled water) – Breakfast 7 Eleven Microwaveable Food
P323 (SGD7 meal + SGD 1.5 drinks) – Dinner
P418 (SGD9 meal + SGD1.6 drinks) – Dinner
P57 (SGD1.30) – Snacks (Ice Cream Sandwhich)

Miscellaneous Travel Budget

travel budget

Souvenir scouting at Chinatown, Singapore

We bought all souvenirs in Chinatown which consists of numerous shops. It almost took us forever to choose since everything is super affordable.

Miscellaneous = P1,182

  • P36 (RM3) – Adaptor
  • P120 (RM10) – Umbrella
  • P1,026 – (3 set keychains for SGD5; 5 shirts for SGD10; Phone case for SGD15) Pasalubong etc…

Keep post for the rest of my blogpost about this trip.

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