Video Diary: 4D/3N Macau – Hong Kong Trip

2016 is definitely our year to get to travel outside the Philippines, in Macau – Hong Kong for the first time. We had never imagined our planned January trip to push through since October was almost over and still we hadn’t booked our tickets yet but then, we did. Until now, we’re still in cloud nine thinking that w finally stepped on the soils of Macau – Hong Kong!

This post is all about our 4 days and 3 nights Macau – Hong Kong Trip that includes our full itinerary with updated rates and fees, our bloopers, how we got lost in the city, unforgettable moments and etc. Below is a video to get a feel of our memorable Macau – Hong Kong Trip.

Macau – Hong Kong Trip / Travel Diary:

Day 1: Lost in Macau
Day 4: So Long, Hong Kong!

How to get:

From Chunking Mansion to Airport

Important Notes from our Macau – Hong Kong Trip

Familiarize These 5 Things To Avoid Getting Lost in Macau

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