Why You Should Visit 10,000 Roses Cafe at Night!

Visiting a place just because the rest of the people do so has been the newest hobby or trend we all feel guilty about. So by the time people started posting about the new spot, 10,000 Roses Cafe, a voice within tells me that this is something I should never miss. As soon as I got an opportunity to visit Cebu, I knew I had to visit it to witness the place right before my own eyes. So below are some reasons Why You Should Visit 10,000 Roses Cafe at Night!

10,000 roses cafe

  1. It’s Made Up of 10,000 Led Roses
  2. 10,000 roses

    Consists of 10,000 Led Roses, the beauty of 10,000 Roses Cafe can be well appreciated at night. By day, it’s just a piece of land filled with synthetic white roses which only lights up when the sun sets. So, if you’re only after the roses and have no plans of ordering at the Cafe, make it more reasonable and go visit at night.

  3. Less Traffic
  4. We travelled from Mactan to Cordova for just 30 minutes experiencing less traffic and congestion.

  5. Late Closing Time
  6. 10,000 roses cafe

    10,000 roses cafe

    10,000 roses cafe

    10,000 Roses Cafe opens from 8:30am to 11:30pm so you have the entire night to travel and appreciate its beauty. There is a P20 Environmental fee except for Senior Citizens and children 6 years below.

  7. It’s right beside Lantau Restaurant
  8. 10,000 roses cafe

    You can hit two birds with one stone by dining at Lantau Restaurant before or after vising 10,000 Roses Cafe.

  9. Enjoy a Romantic Night
  10. 10,000 roses cafe

    10,000 led light roses plus the night airy breeze sum up a romantic night perfect for anniversaries or special occasions. The Cafe also has a rooftop area where couples can perfectly cuddle up and enjoy the 10,000 led light roses from a different view.

  11. Perfect for Night Photography
  12. 10,000 roses cafe

    10,000 roses cafe
    For newbie photographers, this is the perfect place to practice your night photography skills.

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