Why You Should Buy Your Bus Tickets to Malaysia at the Ticketing Outlet

*** Did you know that buying bus tickets to Malaysia at the Ticketing Outlet is actually cheaper than booking online? Some would say booking online is cheaper and more convenient but believe me, buying it on the spot is even cheaper and I experienced it first hand.

Why You Should Buy Your Bus Tickets to Malaysia at the Ticketing Outlet

It is definitely cheaper which gives you around SGD15 savings.

Booking Online

The prices I saw while I was browsing bus tickets to Malaysia online averaged at SGD34 and the cheapest that I found was at SGD26. The big BUT here is that it’s just the base fare and once you click the next button you’ll be redirected to a page with the breakdown of fees that includes an admin fee of $4.

I was closed to proceeding to payment but didn’t continue because I was afraid we might not be able to meet the call time. And I am just thankful I didn’t or else this would also add up to our list of wasted money.lol

Buying at the Ticketing Outlet

Since Malaysia was the first country in our itinerary, we head straight to the Golden Mile Complex, the somewhat terminal for the buses heading to Malaysia, from Changi Airport.

How to Get to Golden Mile Complex from Changi Airport

  • Take the green CG2 MRT at Changi Airport
  • Transfer to yellow Circle Line and stop at Nicoll Highway
  • You walk via Beach Road towards Golden Mile Complex. From the “Beach Road” sign, you turn right and you’ll easily find it.

bus tickets to malaysia

Take note the first Golden Mile you’ll encounter is not the (Golden Mile) Complex but the (Golden Mile) restaurant. Ticketing offices can also be found here while the rest are located at the Golden Mile Complex which is just a few blocks away.

bus tickets to malaysia

Golden Mile Complex

How much was our bus tickets to Malaysia

Before we bought our tickets at Starmart Express which was only SGD20, we first went to the Golden Mile Complex to check for cheaper tickets since I remembered that Sri Maju offers the cheapest ticket online. When we got there, theirs was priced at 3 dollars higher so we found our way back.hehe It comes with a free water which you can freely get from a box (you can actually get more than one.lol sssh)

bus tickets to malaysia

bus tickets to malaysia

First time to actually get hold of an extendable straw.cool

bus tickets to malaysia

This is now the extended straw.

bus tickets to malaysia

Inside Starmart Express Bus

In short, we got our bus tickets to Malaysia for only P760 compared to the P1200+ ticket online. Just imagine how much savings we had! However, since it’s cheap the travel time was longer for a total of 6 hours and the arrival of the bus was almost an hour late. Despite of that, at least the comfort of the ride was never compromised. It was our first time to see lazy boy chairs in a bus and we were able to catch up with our lacking sleep hours at the airport.

bus tickets to malaysia

This is the SGD34 Transtar bus that only takes 4 hours travel time.

bus tickets to malaysia

Sitting like a boss on a lazy boy chair.

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